LIVECOCO was established in London. They provide recyclable Oral B replacement heads along with Coconut based toothpaste and oral hygiene.  LIVECOCO only use black plastic in their products to try get rid of the myth that black plastic cannot be recycled. 

“This is something that will take a lot of work but is worth it. Imagine how much black plastic is thrown into our bins due to the thinking that it is impossible to recycle? It is not! The solutions exist, it is just that our local councils don’t have them. It could be said that black plastic is actually easier to recycle because the plastic is already dyed black whereas when plastics of other colours need to be coloured black during recycling”.

LIVECOCO insist on a creating their own closed-loop recycling system rather than relying on government recycling schemes, why?

“The answer is simple…a huge amount of that plastic ends up in our oceans eventually, destroying innocent ocean life. This was not at all acceptable to us. If every company takes small steps like this & with your support as customers, we can make a huge difference to the welfare of our planet and ocean life”.

LIVECOCO realise that recycling is not the best solution. However, they are creating better and much greener solutions which will lead to cutting plastic production off at the source, which is the most ideal goal, to support them on their journey please see their products here