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“eco-eco aims to lead the way in making environmentally friendly stationery products the ‘norm’ and not the ‘exception’.  eco-eco’s priority is taking care of it’s customers, it’s trade partners, it’s staff and our planet.”

Based in Stourbridge in the West-Midlands, eco-eco a company who supply stationery products with high eco credentials at no additional cost to the consumer was founded in 2015.

Below is their company and product promises:

company promises


eco-eco products will be made from environmentally responsible sources (traceable provenance)


all eco-eco packaging will be kept to a minimum and will be recyclable


eco-eco will partner with distribution couriers committed to reducing their carbon footprint


eco-eco will embed eco-friendly principles throughout every layer of the business (from the manufacturing to the staff kitchen!)


eco-eco will donate an annual percentage of profits to an ecologically responsible and/or socially responsible charity – as guided by our customers


we will publish all activity through the ‘profits through ethics scheme’ so that the public can make their own minds up about us.

product promises


we will explicitly state the ecological credentials of all products

no nasties

all eco-eco products will be acid and lignin-free


eco-eco products will be made from 50% minimum recycled content


eco-eco products will have 100% recyclable credentials


product quality will never be compromised – eco-eco will guarantee like for like or superior quality over comparable non-eco products


we go above and beyond during our product development processes and include new design features in our product ranges wherever possible


we set our pricing at a really competitive level and we do not incorporate any product charge to cover the additional eco benefits that we offer. We encourage our suppliers to maintain this competitive pricing

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eco-eco pack of 100 punched pockets

100 x eco-eco A4 100% Recycled Smooth Glass Clear Premier Punched Plastic Pockets

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