Clothes Doctor

Clothes Doctor

Based in the UK Clothes Doctor is as award winning brand specialising in clothing maintenance. Providing a repairs, alterations and restoration treatments to customers across the UK. Since being established in 2017 Clothes Doctor have been helping their customers to lead a more sustainable life by encouraging them to love and take care of their clothes.

In 2019 Clothes Doctor launched a range of eco-friendly plastic-free washing detergents for cleaning clothes. These have been formulated in the UK using a blend of vegan friendly, plant-based ingredients which are gentle on the skin and also help to prolong the life of your garments.

The bottle for these detergents is made from 100% aluminium. This bottle can be recycled effectively again and again with no loss of quality. Clothes Doctor accept the empty bottles back to be reused with every order. They have also launched a refill programme, which means customers can subscribe to regular deliveries to their door where they will also pick up empty containers to be reuse again. These bottles can also be put in the recycling bin and the label is fully compostable.

These products are part of their mission to reduce waste and pollution from fashion. Whilst providing their customers with a professional cleaning standard.

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