non eco friendly packaging uk

Eco friendly packaging UK

Eco friendly packaging UK

Eco friendly packaging in the UK is the development and use of packaging which results in improved sustainability. Eco friendly packaging in the UK is getting easier to source all the time with business catching on to the demand of a more sustainable product. It’s pointless providing an eco friendly product then wrapping it in a load of plastic to post it. 

Packaging must meet the functional and economic needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations. The use of materials and manufacturing methods should have a minimal impact on energy consumption and the environment. Eco friendly packaging is a form of environmentally-friendly packaging often made of recycled, reusable or biodegradable materials that’s both safe and sustainable for individuals and the environment.

Non-recyclable materials, too much single use plastic, excessive use of materials and resources all result in Landfill. Which can cause harm to marine life and other environments. The main features of eco friendly packaging is to produces little to no environmental waste.

Eco friendly food packaging

With our busier than ever schedules, the rise of takeaway and street food outlets, grabbing food on the go or preparing food at home for the go is the new norm. The unavoidable factor to keep in mind in this day and age – is the environment. With a conscious effort to protect the environment that we live in. With eco friendly, or biodegradable packaging you’re doing your part but it must be so without sacrificing any of the food-protection properties that plastic offers.

When grabbing food to take away out and about check to see what they will be putting your food in. Recycled cardboard, compostable and biodegradable packaging are all readily available, being industry standard and made from earth-friendly organic materials. If they are using them they can have an instant positive impact on the environment. (If they are not using them maybe you can plant the seed to get them involved?). If your usual go to doesn’t offer anything sustainable you can bring your own eco friendly alternative. One option we are particularly fond of is this bamboo bento box which also comes with a bamboo cutlery set. 

It’s challenging when you have to choose a packing material for items that need extra support. Plastic, while environmentally-degrading, has long been an option for this, but the good news is that you can easily use recycled plastic from other plastic materials that have been discarded. An example of this are these lunch boxes made from 100% recycled food grade plastics.

If you are making food at home to take out with you as well as the above there are some great alternatives to cling film for your sandwiches including these beeswax food wraps or these vegan alternative eco food wraps.

Eco friendly ecommerce packaging

We all live in a consumer society and make purchases on a daily basis. Every hour we bring home tons of packaged products from supermarkets or receive them via delivery services. Not only does the packaging keep the contents in a good condition but it helps to define brands and provides necessary product info. However, nowadays you cant ignore the threat plastic packaging poses to the environment.

Luckily, today more and more huge industries as well as smaller companies have come to ‘the green side’ with a tendency to use biodegradable materials, to keep up with eco-friendly trends. When it comes to doing your part for the environment, these are some steps you can take:

1. Go for organic and sustainable products

2. Wherever possible purchase products without packaging

3. Choose companies who put the environment first

4. Use brands which promote recycled packaging. 

eco friendly packaging uk